Next Basics Workshop for 2017 on

25th March from 2pm to 4pm $30

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We are currently offering 3 strength and conditioning workshops, covering general, specific and advanced levels.strong swing

The workshops run for 2 or 3 hours and can be setup at your venue or our location.

Learn the skills and principles to lay the foundation that will create long lasting benefits or build on what you have.


  1. GPP

  2. SPP

  3. S&S

  4. Introduction to Strength Skills

1. General Principles 3 hours

This covers general preparedness and foundational aspects of Mobility, Strength and Conditioning Training. This is a 3 hour Workshop and covers the following skills

Original Strength
(reflexive strength and resets)
– Rocking, Crawling & Loaded Crawling
– Rolling

Hard Style Kettlebell
(feed forward strength, tension)
– Swing progressions
– Clean and Press
– Squat progressions

Bodyweight Naked Warrior
(isometric body tension)
– Pushup progressions
– Squat progressions
– Ab progressions

2. Specific Principles 2 hours

This covers a set of specific exercise that has been found to develop power and strength with minimal technical training. This is a 2 hour base Workshop with an optional 1 hour on programming. Assumed some level of understanding with Kettlebells.

– Loaded Crawling
– Loaded Carries

– One arm pushups

– Heavy Kettlebell Swings
1 handed
2 handed

– Double Push Press

3. Advanced Principles 2 hours

This is an advanced conditioning protocol and requires good technical ability with Hardstyle Kettlebell swing and the ability to sprint.

Kettlebell Swing

(Overspeed eccentrics)

1 handed
2 handed

– Sprinting progressions

4. Introduction course

This will cover the 3 movements, and is aimed at a person with a little fitness looking to go that step further. This is a 1 hour workshop and limited to 5 – 10 people with a passion to improve rapidly.

Kettlebell Swing (Hardstyle) (single and double bells)

Kettlebell Front Squat (double bells)

Push up (Hardstyle)

Beach Bell


For all workshops the underlying principle is the reinforcement of technique over “The Burn”, and working at 80% capacity, this will ensure your primary training is enhanced rather than compromised.


Contact Kyle: 0468 339 332 for pricing and availability.