What we do

Below are a few videos of some of the movements and techniques we cover at Misfit Studio.

Workout 29

Advanced Conditioning Combination 

Here is a challenging combination. The Sequence of the following movements are done back to back with no rest until the 10 movements are complete. When the 10 moves are done rest for 2 minutes or until your Heart rate is under 110 BPM. Repeat 4 times.

1. 5x heavy 2 hand swings
2. 5x strict pushups
3. 5x medium goblet squats
4. 5x pushups
6. 5x heavy double cleans
7. 5x pushups
8. 5x medium goblet squats
9. 5x pushups
10. 5x heavy 2 hand swings

Rest 2 mins or when heart rate reaches 110BPM

This is a 16min sessions with 8 mins of work and rest. Enjoy.


Exercise Playlist showing examples of the movements and exercises we do:

Tip 17

Double Cleans

1. Like the Swing the power is generated by the hip snap

  • flat back shoulders packed

2. No space allowing the kettlebell to drift

  • elbows close to the side of you body arms level with the ground

3. Fast hands spiking through the handle of the bell

  • finishing the movement upright with a tight midsection and bells racked

Tip 18


There will be a lot of little things we can do over time, however you will be surprised at your progress simply by applying these tips.

  • Solid and tight clean and rack
  • Grip both hands, compress the abs and flare the lats
  • breath in and press
  • breath out as the bell ascends
  • slow and with purpose lower to the start


read the full tip here


Tip 19


Some reasons why I feel crawling is important.

  • accessible across all age groups (the very young and very old)
  • connects the body
  • improves coordination
  • improves strength
  • improves conditioning
  • works the entire body


Tip 20


There are many points to these movements, some of the main ones are:

  • Knees track the toes
  • Neutral spine
  • Big chest
  • Compress the midsection (keep it tight)
  • Breathing
  • Work the technique before the weight

Pistol Progressions free program

Tip 21 Workout of the week Moving Matrix


round tip 21

Once you start do not place the bells on the floor until the end of the round. Start with a pair of Kettlebells that you can comfortably press 5 times.


Number 22 Body Blitz (prison break)

Set the timer for 10 – 20 mins and every minute do the following

  • 4 Prisoner squats (hands on head)
  • 3 Pushups (good Hard-Style pushups)
  • 2 Pull-ups (dead hang no kipping)

Completing 20 minutes with all movements you will complete

  • 80 squats
  • 60 push ups
  • 40 pull ups

Workout 23 Back Yard Brawl

So get you timer set if for somewhere between 10 – 20 minutes and perform the following techniques on the left and right on the minute. You should have about 15 seconds rest evey minute maybe more.
Float Bell

  • 1 hand swing
  • clean
  • squat
  • press
  • 1/2 get down



Tip 24 Pushup progressions

A push up is a push up until its done with control, technique and tension. The training requirement for a pushup here is to perform 1 good rep with the following aspects as a minimum during the movement.

  • Body remains locked
  • No breaking of the hips or shoulders
  • No bouncing or momentium pause at the bottom
  • Forarms near vertical
  • Tension throughout the movment

Workout 25 Bodyweight flow


You can treat flow movements like this as a warmup or a session, vary the reps per movement or per round.

You can add or change moves:

Planks become pushups or mountain climber, make the pistol squat easier by making it assisted.

Work only one side at a time, or add reps to change the intensity.

Workout 26


What can you do in a go hard session, sprinting is an excellent option of couse, and I get it, this is not for everyone for what ever reason. So some other options may be:

  • 500 mtrs on the rowing machine
  • tabata spin session
  • pad work boxing/kickboxing
  • VO2 max kettlbell snatch session
  • 1:1 Swing sets
  • Fast skipping

There are plenty of options, provided you push yourself, hard but not over the top, there is no need to bring a bucket.

Workout 27

Cross body flow

This week we have used the same flow as a warmup and as part of the main session, its versatile and very effective. It ticks a few boxes, namely crossing the centre line, which as we understand is extremely import for the vestibuliar system and improving balance and other neuromuscular actions.Exercise Playlist showing examples of the movements and exercises we do:

Workout 28

Bottoms Up Presses and squats

This weeks video is a 2 part process. An easy advanced warmup after you’ve completed you mobility and movement prep. Then you see some bottoms up presses and squats, the bottoms up variations can really help tighten you in many areas of your body. The grip, shoulder and midsection get a lot of work.