Freestyle Karate

ZDK Freestyle Karate is an all rounded martial art that includes aspects of traditional karate, modern martial arts, and various style from around the globe. Techniques are explained in great detail ensuring a greater understanding and a safe environment. At Misfit Gym we train in Zen Do Kai Freestyle martial arts, with a particular focus on Kata (form patterns) and fitness training.

26 Freemantle st Burleigh Heads 4220
First lesson free
Joining fee $50
Adult $15 per session

With over 30 years experience in martial arts training and teaching. I have been fortunate enough to train with some of the best most experienced trainers from Australia and Overseas. We offer trying from beginner to advances students. There are specific classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults. We also run workshops and sessions for ASD kids visit our pilot program page for more information

With all of our services we offer unlimited sessions for the weekly fee, visit fees page for more information 

Early Splits
Early Splits

The trainer Kyle Buttress has been involved in Martial Arts, Kickboxing and ShootFighttraining for over 30 years, has participated in 5 full contact fights, trained State and National champions, impressive credentials for sure, but the biggest reward is seeing beginners get great returns on their training.

“The rewards for training champions is huge and amazingly rewarding. But to be honest the biggest and best rewards come when I see people who are just starting. They are full of enthusiasm, which is contagious. Seeing them achieve their first goals offers the most rewards.”


Feel free to visit the classes page and the home page to see the other activities we offer.

One of my mentors is Billy Manne, a true master in the world of Australian and international martial arts. If ever you are local in the Victorian Frankston region and want to try some kickboxing then visit Billy Manne Martial Arts Click on this link Kickboxing Frankston


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