Our bodyweight sessions are designed to show you how to build significant core strength using only bodyweight

One Arm Pushup
One Arm Pushup

movements, squats, pushups, chin-ups and the variations of these movements. Sounds simple, but not easy the way of the Naked Warrior is full of new skills. There are many progressions and methods to get you from start to finish.


Some of the benefits of bodyweight training, and there are similarities with other forms of train like Barbel and kettlebell training for example.

  • It’s always with you
  • Fast and easy to learn the skills
  • Complements existing training
  • Teach the skill of creating tension
  • Many many variations

There are many other benefits of course however I’m sure you see the point.

The skills you will learn in the bodyweight session at Misfit Gym will carry over to your sport of choice to better daily life and beyond. In the classes we work and learn the skills associated with the following.

  • Tension
  • Posture
  • Leverage
  • Static holds
  • Eccentric movements
  • Concentric movements
  • Training

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