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You may have noticed I do some very diverse things at Misfit. This is true and the bottom line is these are the things I am passionate about. The themes are health, nutrition, technology and ASD. This wont be a huge post but it will cover the underlying reasons why, well I hope so anyway.

Health, fitness, strength and martial arts. For nearly 30 years I have been involved in these areas in some form. As a student studying the areas I find interesting and important. In Martial arts I have been fortunate to train and be involved with some of the best practitioners Australia has to offer. The areas of interest I have had over the years I Freestyle Karate, Okinawan Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Judo, Jujitsu, Weaponry, Strength training, Flexibility, and Mobility. I have had the privilege to participate in 5 full contact fights, security, body guarding and teaching, health and fitness is one of my passions.

Misfit Banner
Misfit Banner

Technology I have always had an interest here ever since a teenager maybe even younger. However as a mature age student I went University and received an Honors Degree in Computing with a focus on programming, and for the past 12 or more years I have been a programmer and the last 7-8 of them as a mobile developer.

ASD and Nutrition are more recent passions are closely connected for me. When I was told my son was on the Autism spectrum it changed a lot and made me start researching many things in order the help him on his life journey. Two of the main facets I have been following are diet and physical activity, these 2 elements are the main stay for his ongoing treatment and physical therapy. So the things we eat are very specific and I feel have helped him so much with his early years of school all while avoiding much of the main stream medications, the other is movement, strength and fitness, which is where the gym has evolved from.

This is a very brief explanation of the driving forces behind the studio. Feel free to ask me about any of it if you feel the need.

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