4 Step Plan

Kettlebell Swing

Please complete the form to receive your free 4 step plan showing you what and how to make simple changes with a plan to get you: healthier fitter leaner stronger better There is so much information out there it’s difficult to know what to believe, we are often drawn in by an easy fix. Something […]

How To Pistol Squat

Complete the following form and receive my free progression report to get you to a pistol squat. Along with a 30 minute Small group training session, covering the Pistol squat.    

No better time

i got strong at misfit

I was first introduced to Pavel’s (Pavel Tsatsouline) work around 1997, give or take a few years. It was his work with stretching that I first encountered. Back then there was no easy access to the Internet so research was mostly done through recommendations and hints from other people. I believe it was at a Bill Wallace […]

Incentives and Rewards


There are a few bonuses we have for members, they range from monthly rewards, referral program, social media campaigns and other as time goes on. These rewards are open to all members, week, casual, adult or junior. Also on offer across all our activities ASD Pilot Program, Strength and Fitness, Martial Arts, Coding, Minecraft everyone […]

At MisFit

Misfit Gym Logo

You may have noticed I do some very diverse things at Misfit. This is true and the bottom line is these are the things I am passionate about. The themes are health, nutrition, technology and ASD. This wont be a huge post but it will cover the underlying reasons why, well I hope so anyway. […]

ASD Pilot program looking for participants

Misfit Gym

We are looking for participants for the term of our specialised training program designed for ASD kids. The program is over a 9 week term with 2 sessions per week covering movement, strength and Martial Arts. We have designed the term to take the participants on a progressive journey, building confidence and skills that will […]

Strength, Conditioning, Fitness and Mobility

i got strong at misfit

Move, Strong, Fit its the tag line to the name of the gym for a huge reason, these are the main elements we focus on. Movement some we take for granted until we can’t do it any more. When we training movement we start from the ground getting to it moving around on it and […]


movement and restoration

Using the principles from Original Strength system we have found that the mentors and techniques used help restore the body to is best. In many ways it makes it better.   The simplified system that Original Strength provides is an excellent way to reset and restore many areas of your body, from aches and pains […]


Bodyweight training

Our bodyweight sessions are designed to show you how to build significant core strength using only bodyweight movements, squats, pushups, chin-ups and the variations of these movements. Sounds simple, but not easy the way of the Naked Warrior is full of new skills. There are many progressions and methods to get you from start to […]

Kettlebell training

I got strong at Misfit

Kettlebells were practically unheard of in North America until recently, but now exercising with a bowling-ball-shaped weight with a handle is the newest fitness trend. Used by fitness enthusiasts, collegiate athletes, and pro sports teams alike, more and more people are becoming curious about kettlebells. Here’s what you need to know. What are kettlebells?  Kettlebells […]